Medical Tourism in Israel

Unregulated industry with high level of competition


  • Potential medical tourists get bombarded
    with lots of calls, quotes, and controversial information.
  • Service providers should really stand out
    in order to win prospective client’s trust

Telemedicine for Medical Tourism

Telemedicine helps to attract more clients by providing brief video consultations


  • Prospective clients desire to be consulted by doctors, not consultants.
  • Video consultations conducted by doctors increase conversion up to 20%.
What if a doctor is not readily available? Let’s see how we can help optimize the process.

Meet the Tapedoc platform

Doctors provide short (2-4 min) video consultations using a smart phone or computer. Patient profile is online - nothing to download.

What we do:

  • Collect and organize client’s medical information;
  • Help clients to prepare the right questions;
  • Upload client’s MRI, CT, PET, etc.;
  • Provide simple access to client’s medical exams. No need to download additional software.
* We work with many medical practitioners in Israel.

From a doctor’s perspective


A patient’s profile is online, translated and organized by our support team.

Works on Mobile & PC


Medical data, including original MRI, CT scans, etc. can be viewed online.

Nothing to download


A doctor records his opinion on video using a smartphone camera.

No App to install

From a patient’s perspective

A patient receives a video made by a doctor, with subtitles translated into the patient’s language.


  • Patient can see and hear a doctor
  • Translated subtitles are embedded into the video
  • Doctor explains treatment options available in Israel
  • It’s not an anonymous consultation. A patient can verify doctor’s personality afterwards.

From your perspective

There are 2 ways you can use our product

Pre-Sale Consultation:

  • Show a patient that you can promptly get in touch with a doctor
  • It is unlikely that a patient will be seeking more information
  • Video consultations are more credible

Chronic Patient Follow-up

  • Reduce consultation cost
  • Patients pay for consultations